First of all, I don't want to get your hopes up – I have many musical friends and many musical strangers asking to play here all the time, and quite the backlog of musicians I really want to get in, when our schedules line up.

I try to present one artist a month (other than December and the summer months), and even that depends on my own touring schedule and other life events.  As I'm not doing this to make a profit (and, in fact, usually lose money on these shows), I have to like you.  Really, really like you.

How will I know if I really really like you?  Well, there are three ways:

  1. Generally, the people I present I've seen perform elsewhere – ideally in a house concert or similar situation (I have learned, the hard way, that some people who are fantastic on stage are intimidated by the intimacy of a house concert).  So if you're playing a concert around the Barrie area, or showcasing at the FMO Conference, please do let me know, and I'll do my best to make it out.  
  2. Most of the folks I've presented but haven't previously seen myself have built a name and reputation for themselves already, and other presenters and industry folks are buzzing about them, and passing their names along.
  3. Barring those first two options, a link to live video (please, don't send a video, just the link!), plus hearty recommendation(s) from fellow house concert presenters may also do the trick.

This community is looking for original acoustic, rootsy music – we love good lyrics, we love modern twists on old styles, we love quirky.  Take a peek at some of our upcoming and past shows, if you'd like to get a feel for what floats our boat, and the calibre of musicians I present.  

Concerts are generally unamplified, although we can set up a couple of mics to balance voices with instruments, etc.  I tend to present solo or duo acts – the size and shape of the room doesn't allow for much more than that, although if you're friendly and showered, we might be able to squeeze in up to a quartet.

Honestly, I hate to be rude, but... if you've sung a couple of open stages and your best friend loves your songs... please don't force me to be rude.  You're certainly not required to be a household name – presenters love new discoveries – but if you haven't invested in a website or album for yourself, don't expect me to invest my time and money in you instead.  And if you're applying as a DJ or hip-hop or heavy metal or 6-piece cover band, I may just have to hurt you...  Okay, I'll go back to my usual gentle self now.

With a flexible set-up, the room can work with a super-intimate audience of 15 up to a cozy crowd of 50.  Depending on how well you're known by our community, we ask between $15-$25 per person as artist donation.  We do not offer guarantees.  You get 100% of the artist donation, minus what we need to pay to SOCAN (unless you'd prefer to go under your own license, in which case, you can keep that too), and 100% of all merch sales.  We'll also feed you before or after the show (or both!), and there are tons of guest beds if you'd like to stay the night.  But I should warn you, in case it's an allergy deal-breaker: I've got two dogs and two cats and a whole lotta dust bunnies.

I do accept CDs and press kits in the mail, although I'm just as happy (and you've lost less money) with links to EPKs.  If you do wish to snail-mail something, the address is:

Take Note! Promotion
PO Box 1351 Barrie
Barrie, ON  L4M 5R4