1. Lonely No More

From the recording Live Love Dream

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Lonely No More

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©2008 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: lead vocal, mandolin
Alyssa Wright: harmony vocal, cello


The sun in the back yard is melting the snow
And I should be working, god only knows…
The dogs in the mudroom are sleeping it off
From the sounds of their snoring, their dreams are enough

But the warmth of the day and the fact you’re away
Has left me quite lonely, and I just want to play

Your shirt on the bedside smells just like you
And I know it’s pathetic, this feeling so blue
And I should be doing dozens of things
Not smelling your PJ’s or trying to sing

And the day lingers on, and the fact you are gone
Has left me at loose ends, but it won’t be long

The dogs will be barking, they’ll dance at the door
And you’ll come in, smiling
And I will be lonely no more