1. My Cup

From the recording Dark Waters

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My Cup

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©2005 Alyssa Wright (SOCAN)

Don Bray: guitar, harmony vocals
Jennifer Ives: harmony vocals
Patrick McPhail: double bass
Darrin Schott: violins
Alyssa Wright: accordion, lead & harmony vocals


Woke up to hear the geese returning
They're back early again this year
Their call never fails to lift my eyes and my spirit
God, I wish you were here
But bright sunlight's shining through my window
Pets clamouring to be fed
I swear I heard a robin taunting me from the cedars:
"Girl, sure picked the wrong day to stay in bed!"

But can't you see that bottle's empty?
Explains the headache, I suppose
How'd it happen again, I took the blame
The emperor was missing some clothes
But sun's shining through my window
Cat's nuzzling my nose
Dog's snuggling with me, the birds are returning
And my cup overflows

Now I've made it to my back porch
Fresh cup of coffee in my hand
The buds are making their first appearance
And life's returning to the land
I lift my face up to the heavens
Where birds and clouds above me swirl
Oh how could I drown in a sea of self-pity
When there's so much beauty in this world?

Is the glass half full or empty?
My perspective comes and goes
The road I found myself wandering down is not the path I chose
Can't believe I still miss you
That'll last a while, I suppose
But the snow is melting, the flowers emerging
And my cup overflows

So now the phone is ringing off the hook
With all the friends who've heard the news
Tea and a symphony of dark bitter chocolate
Might be enough to kick these blues
So many friendly faces
When'd I become such a lucky girl?
It's impossible to die of a broken heart
When there's so much love in my world

I saw my glass half empty
Thought I might need a smaller cup
But now I've tossed that stagnant water
And sweet nectar fills it right back up
Spring's melting through the memory
I'm forgetting the thorn for the rose
Sun's in my back yard, friends fill my kitchen
And my cup overflows

So we raise our glasses
And we hold each other close
There's love in my world
And laughter in my kitchen
And my cup overflows