1. Took the Dark

From the recording I Am Myself

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Took the Dark

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©2011 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocal, guitar
Burke Carroll: pedal steel
Pat McPhail: double bass


I don't remember how it was
I came to be this way
It's just a weight that I took on
And carry every day

As long as I have ever had
This flimsy memory
My sky has always darkened from
This thing resides in me

I'm lost here in this blood and bone
And no one seems to know
My heart would love to find some haven
But I don't know how to go

That morning light was shining down
The ground was cold and hard
The sun and snow were singing songs
There in my back yard

And there I sat
A back bent man
As it all fell away
There are no words
For that one moment
There's nothing to say

I don't remember how it was
I came to be this way
But something had its way with me
And took my doubt away

The world is full of misery
Of fear and greed and war
It's time we put our burdens down
And carry them no more