From the recording I Am Myself

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What Clouds Can Do

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©2010 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocal, guitar
Burke Carroll: pedal steel
Ray Dillard: percussion
Pat McPhail: double bass
Alyssa Wright: harmony vocal


I know it's just the weather
As this day begins
Standing at my bedroom window
Watching clouds roll in

I can just imagine
I think you can too
How this day could turn to sadness
As those clouds come true

Sure they're only passing through
But they're such a lonely hue
We sometimes doubt the Sun will find us
That's what clouds can do

Can't you feel the wind try
To blow my poor heart down
Like those leaves on that old maple
As those clouds come 'round

I think I see some lightning
That's all right with you
I hear you say from beneath the covers
And yes I love you too

You say they're only passing through
But they're such a lovely hue
And sure as rain the Sun will find us
There's not much clouds can do