From the recording I Am Myself

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It All Goes By So Fast

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©2011 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocal, guitar
Burke Carroll: pedal steel
Andrew Collins: mandolin
Ray Dillard: percussion
Pat McPhail: double bass
Darrin Schott: violin
Katherine Wheatley: harmony vocal


People are looking for something new
Some would be happy with the truth
Nobody knows what's in store
Many don't care any more
And it all goes by so fast

Half naked woman on that sign
Selling herself for their design
Making a promise they won't keep
Sucking us dry while we sleep
And it all goes by so fast

Those are our bombers in the air
Killing bad people over there
Haven't killed us good ones yet
But what we sow is what we'll get
And it all goes by so fast

Deep in the heat of Africa
In the cold streets of Canada
People will come to draw the line
If we're lucky there's still time
And it all goes by so fast