1. Upstairs

From the recording I Am Myself

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©2010 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocal, guitar
Burke Carroll: pedal steel
Ray Dillard: percussion
Pat McPhail: double bass
Darrin Schott: violin
Alyssa Wright: harmony vocal


Everybody's going home
The evening's over here we are alone
We stand at the door
With friends like these who could ask for more
We go upstairs

I see the snow is falling down
It's reassuring every year it comes around
The snows are on the car
This northern weather's part of who we are
We go upstairs

Where I count my blessings
It's just like counting stars

A warmer blanket for the bed
A softer pillow lay your lovely head
Fed the cats locked the door
I'm the luckiest that's for sure
We go upstairs

Another winter's come to be