1. The Water

From the recording I Am Myself

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The Water

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©2009 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocal, guitar
Burke Carroll: tri-cone
Andrew Collins: mandolin
Ray Dillard: hand drum
Pat McPhail: double bass


Take me down to the water
I crave absolution
Bless me in this filthy brine
I have no memories
My lies torn asunder
The little faith I had was blind

I can tell by that look in your eye
You don't know my name
That's ok it's as clear as the sky
That we're all the same

Take me down to the water
And hold my head under
I'm going to learn to swim
Take me to the deep end
Where souls touch no bottom
Strip me down and throw me in

I can tell by that hitch in your voice
You forgot your name
That's ok it's the most common choice
And we're all the same

Some folks are steamers
They cross all these oceans
Only to arrive again
Some folks are row boats
With holes in the floorboards
Let that blessed water in

Here I am like the day I was born
I don't know my name
Empty as this face I have worn
And we're all the same

Bless me father I have sinned