1. Shadows

From the recording Taxi Moon & I

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©2005 Paul Court (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocal, guitar
David Francey: harmony vocal
Tannis Slimmon: harmony vocal
Alyssa Wright: cellos


Naked and bloodied, blinded by light
Slapped on the ass by a man in a mask
Then cut from the source of all that there is
Carried off and scraped by a stranger
You're finally laid on a salty breast
Your heartbeat marches with hers again
The whole world is wishing you well
And it's a tiny rehearsal for hell

Stiff in your new clothes it happens once more
Torn from your home and put in a room
And the things that they tell you don't make any sense
How could the sun be the centre?
But by quarter to four you're back from the war
Perhaps it was just a bad dream
Awake or asleep oh why can't you tell?
It's a tiny rehearsal for hell

Thirteen floors up now, no windows to speak of
You push paper from there to here
And your every idea is shot to the ground
Or stolen by someone upstairs
But by prime time you sit in your favourite chair
And you sip from some rosy glasses
You buy everything they're trying to sell
And it's a tiny rehearsal for hell

Shadows we are and like shadows depart
But we travel we dance and we play
We mingle with shadows of friends and of lovers
'Til we quietly find our own way

Your family's gathered, the scent from some flowers
Brings memories you can't hold off
But willingness guides you 'cause where there are shadows
You're certain there must be a light
And your tiny rehearsals are all but behind you
The curtain stays down those lights they won't blind you
And in the wings your maker will find you