From the recording Taxi Moon & I

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I Will Never Forget

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©2006 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocal, guitar
David Francey: harmony vocal
Joseph Yanuziello: Yanuziello resonator guitar


In the school gym we were dancing
I was feeling no harm
Being the luckiest boy in the high school
I had you on my arm
Your dress, I remember, it was white, it was woven
You gathered me into your net
I couldn't believe you chose to be there with me
I will never forget

In the school gym we were dancing
You were holding my hand
You as cool as the night air outside
Me just trying to be a man
And the way that you smelled was a song to my senses
It was a gift that we met
And there you were with my hand on your hip
I will never forget

At the end of the night all the dancers were leaving
I walked you to your door
I could have walked through my whole life believing
Walking with you is what I was for
And we stood and we talked and I know what you thought
You wondered why I hadn't kissed you yet
I was too petrified, you had the grace to let it slide
And I will never forget

All these years later you've left me behind
I don't want to believe
How this life has just slipped right on by with
These things I can't retrieve
And the state I was in from the touch of your skin
Remains as my strongest regret
I never kissed you, Lord how I wished to
I will never forget