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I Believe In Heaven

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©2001 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocals, guitar, fingersnaps
Drew Birston: bass
Wendell Ferguson: vocals
Mark Mariash: percussion (brushed MacIntosh computer box, thigh slap and fingersnaps)
Darrin Schott: mandolin


I believe in heaven
And you would too I bet
I believe in the sweet everlasting
Though that's a bit of a stretch
I believe in heaven
She lives on the second floor and
Life's a sweet everlasting process
Of trying to get inside her door

I believe in the Prince of Darkness
And all those lascivious sins
He's the dude who comes by every weekend
I believe that's what they do when she lets him in
If I believed in retribution
I'd march right up those stairs
Ain't enough Hail Marys in this whole damnation
To make up for what I'd do there

I believe in heaven
To lie there is my quest
Though it's a journey hampered by hardship
I believe I will rise up above the rest
And that's when I'll meet my lovely maker
Enter those pearly gates
I just hope that when I
Finally get there
I haven't left it all too late
I hope I haven't left it all too late
He loses he who hesitates