1. The Good Idea

From the recording Chosen

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The Good Idea

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©1999 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: guitar & vocal
Drew Birston: bass
Wendell Ferguson: guitar
Mark Mariash: drums
Darrin Schott: mandolin


Teddy thought he had a good idea
Didn't pay much heed
To his sister Rhea
She likes to have things nice and neat
Called him things I can't repeat
And tried in vain
To make him change his ways
Was a good idea

Teddy drove them to the corner store
Took his gun and waltzed right
Through the door
Told the dude behind the till
Behave yourself and I won't kill
And give me what you got
And don't be slow
Was a good idea

Our Teddy wasn't very bright
Had trouble seeing wrong from right

Teddy thought he had things
Well in hand
Didn't see the cop by the donut stand
Felt the gun upon his neck
Turned around thought
What the heck
I've gone this far
I'll blow this cop away
Not a good idea

Ted's funeral was very small
They spread his ashes
In the mall
His mama cried
While Rhea called
A maintenance man
To sweep the hall
Was a good idea
Was a good idea