1. Chosen

From the recording Chosen

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©2002 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocals
Laura Bird: harmony vocals
Drew Birston: bass
Mark Mariash: drums
Terry Tufts: guertin danbro, harmony vocals


I am chosen to be here
Live this day of these years
I am chosen to belong
Sing this flawed human song

I am chosen to see you
Through my own stubborn view
I am chosen to be graced
By your tears and
These lines on your face

Chosen by some fluke or fate
Chosen from some higher place
Choosing to be small or great

I am chosen to this path
And its dark aftermath
As I'm chosen to sow this seed
Take this space fill this need

I am chosen to this way
To this struggle engaged
I am chosen to this place
Feed this fire with no fuel
But my own frail faith