1. Greasemonkey

From the recording Chosen

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©2000 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Don Bray: appalachian dulcimer and vocal
Drew Birston: bass
Tannis Slimmon: harmony vocals
Geoff Somers: fiddle


She saw him there at the gas station
Dirty hair and greasy dreams oh
Working on some broke down Chevy
He looked so messy and so mean

He saw her looking out the window
Where she was working at the bank
And he thought she looked
So cold and fussy
The glance he gave to her was blank

Who'd-a thought that the two of them
Could ever be such a hot item

This red neck standing at her counter
Aimed his revolver at her head and
Its working end was big and ugly
It heaped her heaving heart with dread

And she said
Help I am in need of rescue
By hero miracle or man
And just then our valiant
Young greasemonkey
Burst through the bank doors
With a slam

And he said calm yourself
I am your saviour
And he thought damn
What a foolish man I am
But the Gods
They must have interceded
When they caused
That redneck's gun to jam

Downtown the wedding bells are chiming
The perpetrator's out on bail
They both asked for him who introduced them
To be the best man when
She raised her wedding veil

Who'd-a thought that the two of them
Could ever be such a hot item

It's really something so amazing
To see them walking down the street oh
Him so greasy and so messy
And her so pretty and so sweet