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  1. Yum

From the recording Chosen

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©2003 Don Bray

Don Bray: guitar and vocal
Mark Mariash: percussion
Joe Yanuziello: Hawaiian King slide guitar

Harmonies: Laura Bird, Drew Birston, Wendell Ferguson, David Francey, Mark Mariash, Darrin Schott, Tannis Slimmon, Geoff Somers, Terry Tufts, Joe Yanuziello

Panting: Emmy Lou Harris (Don's Australian Shepherd)

To understand this song, pretend you're a dog.


I had a flea lived in my ear
A very brave flea he knew no fear
He roamed my back and fleas are snacks

I have a cat she's full of grace
She likes to tear apart my face
But if I'm quick I get a lick

All this garbage and so little time
All this aroma and just this one nose of mine

Now the girl next door she's quite a bitch
She does her business in the ditch
When I get free it's there for me

And when I'm tired I like to sleep
And if I'm wired you'll see me leap
But if I'm glum I lick my bum