1. Who's Counting

From the recording Waiting To Arrive

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Who's Counting

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©2001 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Guitar & vocal: Don Bray
Acoustic bass: Dick van Raadshooven


She's got her suitcase on the floor it's half empty
Or maybe half way full I'm no longer sure
She's had the damn thing out and open
For days of tears and hoping
But who's counting anymore

She's been talking on the phone to all her girlfriends
Commiseration oozes in the air
If misery was money
We'd be rolling in it honey
But who's counting anymore

Who gets the bed, who gets the pillows
How do we tear apart the past
Trying to carry on
Like nothing's been and gone
We tell ourselves nothing lasts

She's got her suitcase at the door my heart is in it
It is apparent there is nothing I can do
I'm not the first bastard who hurt her
She's had a long line of deserters
But who's counting anymore

There are times when I forget and call out to her
And it echoes in this space she left behind
I find it difficult confessing
What I've been doing with my blessings
But who's counting anymore
Who's counting anymore