1. No Guarantee

From the recording Waiting To Arrive

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No Guarantee

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©2000 Don Bray (SOCAN)

Guitar & vocal: Don Bray
Bass & cello: Dick van Raadshooven
Hand drums: Mark Mariash
Fiddle: Geoff Somers
Harmony: Katherine Wheatley


You know what you need
And you could sow that seed
But you're worried that the soil
Has grown tainted tired and spoiled
And the heart that holds the spade
Might just bury what you've made
There's no guarantee
No guarantee

And I know that you can
You're strong as any man
Only softer when you sleep
And maybe deeper where you're deep
And surely smart enough to know
That any way you choose to go
There's no guarantee
No guarantee

Caught in the headlight
Wondering what's right
Transfixed by your needs
Waiting for something
To loosen your longing
Maybe someone will set you free

And if I had my way
At the end of your day
There'd be no going home alone
No more crying on the phone
No more trying to atone
For that one truth carved in stone
There's no guarantee
No guarantee