1. Eventually

From the recording Decisions

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©1997 Don Bray / Meek Monk Music (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocal, guitar
Todd Lumley: piano
Willow Rutherford: background vocal
Joe Yanuziello: Hawaiian King guitar


She's at home most any night
Just her and her TV
All those voices black and white
Help leave her more at ease
It's been years since she lost her James
She feels every day
She just knows they will meet again
And dance eventually

She gets calls on Christmas Eve
That she just holds on to
She says how's my grandson and the little one
Yes I miss you too
Says good-bye as she hangs a tear
On her Christmas tree
We'll come out they say every year
At least eventually

Snow is falling family's calling, and
Her phone rings and rings
There's no answer, she's out dancing with James
Where the angels sing
She had faith it would all work out
Time would set her free
She'd become someone's memory
And fade eventually

We don't know it
But we are born from the stars
And the deepest sea
And though feel lost
We will all be returned