1. Decisions

From the recording Decisions

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©1997 Don Bray / Meek Monk Music (SOCAN)

Don Bray: vocal, guitar
Mark Mariash: drums
Paul Vienneau: fretless 6-string bass
Todd Lumley: piano
Jennifer Atkinson: background vocal
Darrin Schott: fiddle


She grew up on the prairie
In a tired old farming town
Where the grain grows thick
Like breakers, it
Could almost make you drown

So the girl left for the city
As early as she could
Her Mom showed no forgiveness
But her father understood

'Cause he grew up in the wheat fields
Beneath the moving sky
And he watched the clouds
Go rolling off
To somewhere far and wide

And he wed the one he's living with
He loves his only bride
But all these years just left them here
As the world went blowing by

So he stands outside the co-op
And he watches as the bus
Picks up the girl so dear to him
And turns her into dust

And he sees it slowly disappear
Beyond the old town line
And he wonders what he'd be out there
If he'd ever found the time

So he walks back to his pick-up
And he gives his heart a shake
There's no way you can say good-bye
To the promises you make

He married his decision
She waits where he resides
And a man's not what he dreams about
A man's what he decides